I have extensive experience live both nationally and internationally. I have played in Macro concerts in front of crowds of people and also in small rooms with a very small audience but no less important.


I have no problem playing metronome and even scheduling live beat changes, time signature or repertoires with even the programmed song-to-song spacing. I can also send the intro, reinforcement samples, transition samples between song and song, project images that are synchronized with the music …

If you are one of those who prefer to play without a metronome … it’s not a problem either. Just tell me what you need and I get to work on it.


Another point to keep in mind is that I can play without having done face-to-face rehearsals and thus save travel time and money. I can rehearse online playing on the metronome.


If some years ago I had been told that I would go to an online trial I would have laughed… But the reality is that thanks to online trials I can work very comfortably and effectively.

You only need to have a connection in your premises or in your house, possibly you will not steal it from your neighbor … I touch on your tracks and send the sound of my microphone drum so that you touch on my battery without latency problems.


It is not exactly a real rehearsal, but a way to save a lot of time and money. Where you can correct or fix my battery lines.

A few days before the concert I usually meet with the band to do some face-to-face rehearsals before the concert, and thus be prepared and with great security to enjoy on stage.