Alfred Berengena born in Girona is a drummer with a long career in studio, live and musical education. Author of (2 books) Drum Methods: Essential Double Bass Drumming (Dinsic 2005) and Advanced Double Bass Drum / Advanced Double bass Drumming (Carisch 2011).

He has a very characteristic and personal style in the way he plays extreme drums that provides a greater dynamic range and originality where his study career on the instrument is very marked.




He graduated in 2007 obtaining the Higher Degree of Jazz and modern music in France with a Gold Medal in the Drums specialization. Studying drums with Andre Mallau and combo with Serge Lazarevitch.


He did the Music Production Workshop at Berklee college of music in Boston, summer program 2018 attending classes of:
Record production with Sean Slade,
Critical Listening & Mixing Workshop with Alex Rodriguez,
Production Analysis with Mitch Benoff, Recording Project & Advanced Multitrack Recording Techniques with Matthew Ellard, Logic, Pro Tools & Virtual Instruments with Jason Stokes, Multitrack Mixing Techniques with Rob Jaczko, Mixing for Film with John Escobar.

Previously he made other training courses such as:
Studio Recording Techniques with Toni Paris at the 44.1 studios in Girona. Recording in a domestic environment with Marc Janipka and Josu García at the AIE in Barcelona.


He is part of the Clinician Artist Roster of the Californian battery company DW Drums (Oxnard, CA)

He has a consolidated career in music education as a drum teacher with a large number of national and international students with more than 20 years of experience in teaching.

He has performed clinics and demos in schools such as The DRUM TECH in London United Kingdom, Mr Jam De Bilbao School, Jam Session, Escuela los Maños de Chile … drum festivals such as El Tam Tam Drum fest, International drumming festival in La Rioja, Groove Meting … and music fairs like the Namm Show in Anaheim, California …

Alfred is an international endorser of DW Drums, Zildjian Company, Apogee, Electonics Cympad and Audias & Hearsafe In Ear monitoring.


He has been a Zildjian endorser since 2005 at the national level and became an International Artist in 2010. He has a model of the Zildjian Artist series Alfred Berengena Signature drumsticks. He is also an international Drums Workshop artist since 2007 as part of the international team. from Clinicians & amp; Educator. It is also supported by Cympad, Apogee Electronics converters and In ear monitors from Audias & amp; Hearsafe.


He has worked in recordings of all kinds whether recording bands: Pop, Rock, Funk, Electronic, music for advertising, video games ...

Thanks to his studies in the jazz field he opened his field of work which allowed him to work on projects of other styles not related to Metal music.

He opened his own recording studio YOUR SOUND RECORDING STUDIO where today he carries out the vast majority of his work, whether it be recording drums or doing full album productions, music for advertising or performing the tasks of sound technician, mixing, mastering….

In addition to working either in person or online sending recording tracks in a long list of recording studios where we can highlight:
Music Lan, PKO, 44.1 estudi de gravació, Sadman Studios nationwide or Unisound Studios (Sweden), Antfarm Studios (Denmark), Splid Second Sound Studios (Netherland), Finvox Studios (Finland), Sonic Train Studios (Sweden), The Yellow House Studio (Finland), Fredman Studio (Sweden), West West Side Studios (New York) Real Sound (Italy) Necromorbus Studio (Sweden). on an international level.

His tracks have gone through producers of great international prestige such as:
Tue Madsen, Dan Swanö, Jochem Jacobs, Mika Jussila, Andy Larocque, Hiili Hiilesmaa, Fredrik Nordström, Alan Douches ,Tore Stjerna.

SINCE 2014


Soziedad Alkoholika batería

Alfred is the drummer for SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLIKA, after his colleague Roberto Castresana decided to leave the band permanently after not recovering from his shoulder injury.

logo soziedad alkoholika
Alfred Berengena, the drummer who has accompanied us live these past two years, is now going to be one more member of  SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLIKA. In this sense, we cannot be more proud that a musician as exceptional as Alfred becomes part of our group. The truth is that we feel very comfortable with him and we are sure that his contribution will be something very positive for S.A.
Sociedad Alkoholika Band release


Other bands he has worked with either recording drums, playing live, mixing or mastering:

Guilles de Rais, Olvido, Baalphegor, Mistweaver, Profundis Tenebrarum, Scent Of Death, Malleficarum, Nebulah, Meltdown, Inverso, Exquisite pus, Axcape, Estupido yo, Kalumnia, Reek, God Mode, Niu de Corbs, Undead, Forensik, Decibelious Remake, Dry River, Silvis Vetus, Drool, Numen, among others more …


The bulk of his work today

Alfred is currently working on various mixing and mastering productions at YOUR SOUND RECORDING STUDIO and occasionally does some work in external studios. Carrying out the actions of SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLIKA and teaching both nationally and internationally both face-to-face and Online